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ACEDEMAND Premium Package Features

  • Single package for all Atlassian products

    Support package includes not only for one product! For all Atlassian products and add-ons downloaded in Atlassian Marketplace.

  • SLA Guarantee

    Consists of five different levels to provide SLA support services that is just not only within the scope of support, also improves your business-critical applications.

  • Customization Requests

    Not only for troubleshooting, you can easily use our support packages when you request a change in Atlassian products.

  • Remote Support *

    We are at your service and ready to assist you via remote support in case you need more than telephone support.

  • Phone Support *

    Our Atlassian Support team can be reached within a phone call whenever you need any help in scope of Support Package.

  • Transfer availability of monthly support hours *

    You can use the unexpended balance of previous month.

* In supported packages

Premium Support Portal

You can create and follow your requests easily on ACEDEMAND Premium Support Portal.

You can check the status of your request, our teammate who is responsible with your demand, applicated transactions on request and balance of your package.

Also you can follow details and remaining support time balance everytime.

If you have any SLA guaranteed support packages, you can follow easily how much time spent and how much time left upon your request.

Why ACEDEMAND Premium Support Packages?

In process of ACEDEMAND Projects, Atlassian products are the most important tools in use throughout the day. JIRA – used in business monitoring, Bamboo that is used for CI(Continuous Integration) or Confluence for documents storage... Failure of these tools is one of the worst scenarios for our development team.

With our ACEDEMAND PREMIUM SUPPORT packages, we are always at your service with a real passion in solving your problems and answering your questions as soon as possible like we do solve our own problems.

SLA Guarantee

ACEDEMAND Atlassian Support packages have not only support service, also provides SLA guarantee for you business- critical processes.

Click here for our SLA level details.

Which Products?

JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo or Stash, doesn’t matter, do not worry! You need to buy only 1 package for all Atlassian products you own. According to the type of the package, you can easily reach us via phone or ticket system. Thus, by purchasing a Support Package, not only the Atlassian applications, you secure all the process that you developed using Atlassian product family.

Scope Of Support

JIRA server failures, a broken plug-in, index failure of a Confluence server, Bamboo missian fails, a workflow to be added to a STASH version to be updated, everything!

Even add-ons downloaded through Atlassian Marketplace and add-on you have written yourself(in case of sharing source code) are within the scope of support!

Is this an Atlassian Hotline?

Unfortunately, no! These packages and support services are not suitable for end users. It is appropriate to note that our services are suitable for 2nd line support. Thus, instead an automatic operator, your requests are directly answered by our consultant teammates.

How do I begin?

Just now, click here to activate our 1 month free "Welcome" package and start taking Atlassian Support from ACEDEMAND Premium Support team for free.

If it is satisfying, continue with the most suitable Support package for you.

Select a premium support package for your needs :



  • 2 hours Support
  • OnProduct Customization
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  • 5 hours Support
  • OnProduct Customization
  • SLA 3,4,5
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  • 10 hours Support
  • OnProduct Customization
  • SLA 2,3,4,5
  • Carry forward to next month
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  • 20 hours Support
  • OnProduct Customization
  • SLA All Levels
  • Carry forward to next 3 months
  • Remote Support
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* The same customer can benefit from a free package only once in a year.
** OnProduct Customization: Remote connection and customization to customer’s Atlassian products.