Software Architecture

Our company ACEDEMAND, with all competency in Java software architecture, will always support your organization’s software service projects being developed.

Within the scope of software architecture, ACEDEMAND provides services to customers in preparation of first architectural maps of software projects, and basic architectural issues such as selection of architectural components in accordance to performance – requirements and also architectural changes in projects being developed and new component selection subjects.

ACEDEMAND shares all its experience in software architecture and early adopter solutions with customers by following latest developments in the software world.


Topics we are related with JEE / J2EE Architecture:

  • n-Tier – Middleware – EJB – Distributed Transaction Management (JTA/JTS)
  • JMS – Queue
    • Apache ActiveMQ
    • RabbitMQ​
  • Cache
    • Hazelcast
  • Batch Processing
    • GridGain
  • Authentication & Authorization
    • Apache Shiro
  • Business Process Management (BPM) & BPEL / BPMN
    • Activiti
  • JCR – Content Repository
    • ModeShape


  • Spring Security
  • Integration
  • Batch
  • Data
  • Web Flow (MVC)
  • Spring Web Services
  • Spring Mobile
  • Spring Social

Our Early Adopter solutions:

Reactive Programming (Scala):

  • play! Framework
  • Akka

NoSQL / BigData:

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Cassandra

HTML5 – JavaScript​:

  • EmberJS


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